Diamond, due its outstanding properties, is a desired material to coat various objects for medical, bioelectronics, optical, aerospace, marine and other applications. However, achieving uniform coatings on complex-shaped 3D objects is still a not overcome challenge due to 2D nature of current deposition techniques. The aim of this project is to develop a new diamond growth technology, which will allow diamond synthesis in 3D and accelerate the widespread use of diamond-based materials in new research fields and industry.

Project: 3D diamond growth (2023-2027)

Project: 3D diamond growth on medical implants (2023-2028)

The most widely used material for medical implants, such as a hip replacement, is titanium and its alloys. However, lifetime of such implants is limited. Diamond is an ideal coating for medical implants thanks to its unique properties including wear resistance, high biocompatibility, chemical inertness, anti-bacterial properties, and high adhesion to titanium. The aim of the project is to improve bio-integration of medical implants using tailored diamond coatings via in-depth in vitro/vivo studies.